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Hanoi City Tour Fullday – Huong

Hanoi City Tour Fullday – Huong

After 4 times, the tour is cancelled. I had a meaningful tour with Jeppe from Danmark.

When I came the hotel at 8.30am, Jeppe was waiting for me. The first, we visited Ho Chi Minh complex. We spent a hour to queue to meet Uncle Ho.


11.00a.m we decided to walk to The imperial Citadel of Thang Long but when we came there it closed. Therefore, I took Jeppe to visit Tran Quoc pagoda and join “Fried fresh noodles” at Ngu Xa village. I didn’t think Jeppe doesn’t know how to use chopstick so I taught for him how to use. After lunch, we came back the imperial Citadel of Thang Long. Jeppe was interested in Bonsai because he had a bonsai at home. When he grown it inside house, it was small but when he brought it to the garden it was bigger. 

4.00p.m we went to Ngoc Son temple, walked around Sword lake and drank beer at Ta Hien. We talked about Jeppe’s vacation. He taught for me say hello in ThaiLand and India. “Sa ma ni cạp là chào phụ nữ and sa ma ni ca là chào đàn ông ” và nói yummy in Danmark is “ nhăm nhăm” . So funny!

I took him to his hotel at 7.00p.m and finish the tour. SO tired but happy. I can know a lot more.